Ebridge Mill

Got a new camera a couple of days ago (so no more iphone photos!) and was keen to try it out. After a couple of failed attempts on some other local attractions we decided to check this place out.

We got near and to our dismay saw loads of cars parked up around the mill! There was a small fete across the road! It was something to do with the canal. Had a quick look at the stalls, everyone seemed pretty engrossed in this fete and didn’t notice when we slipped away around the side of the mill. Managed to have quite a nice look around the site.

A little history:-

Ebridge Mill was also sometimes known as North Walsham Mill. The old mill was 5 storeys high and built of red brick with a slate roof.

The mill remained in the ownership of the family within Cubbitt & Walker Ltd from 1869 – 1998 when it was sold to Duffields and subsequently closed.

When the goodwill of the flour milling business was sold to the Millers’ Mutual Association in 1966, the milling machinery was broken up leaving the old mill as an ancillary to the new provender mill built alongside.

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