Bessingham Manor

Exploring a derelict manor house in Norfolk


Bessingham Manor was owned by members of the Spurrell family who also owned the Manor in nearby Thurgarton. The family had close links, dating back 500 years, with the Norfolk villages of Erpingham and with other Norfolk families, especially the Flaxmans of Sidestrand and Roughton. Bessingham Manor was built in 1870, the date stone can be seen on the west elevation. The last Spurrell owner, Edmund Denham Spurrell, is described as having been a bit of an eccentric. He used to keep a bear at the manor which one day escaped and attacked one of the housemaids. After Edmund D Spurrell’s passing in 1952 the nine-bedroom house was sold but it soon became apparent that urgently required repairs would be far too costly. Ever since that time the grand house has stood empty. Over time water has seeped through the leaking roof, leading to the collapse of all the upper floors.

First Visit

The building was fairly secure so unless you are a good/daring climber you weren’t getting in! We were neither.

Visit 2

Went back to Bessingham Manor and this time there was a way in! Didn’t have much time so bit of a rush job but got a few snaps.

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