C&A Fountains, Norwich

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C&A Fountains Norwich

Can’t remember why but for some reason recently I thought about the old water fountains that used to be outside C&A (now Next) by the statue of Thomas Browne at the Haymarket/ Hay Hill in Norwich. I remember them being more full of rubbish than water!

Lots of people I talked to didn’t remember them so I started to think I’d imagined them as would have been pretty young at the time.

I browsed the net trying to find photos but all there seemed to be were before the fountains (where there was a grassy area around the statue) and photos of the area now. Couldn’t even find any photos of C&A!

After speaking to more people I realised they did exist!!

So with the help of some friends, family and some old books we tracked a few images down!

The Statue of Sir Thomas Browne

Lets start with the Statue of Sir Thomas Browne. It was unveiled on the 19th October 1905.

Sir Thomas Browne


Norwich Haymarket 1920s


Norwich Haymarket

1970s – The Hay Hill Scheme

This book was not a fan of the 1970s refurbishment!

I think this came from flickr, I can’t find it again but if its yours and you want it removed, please let me know!

George and Dragon Pub

A music video

Screen shots from : Runestaff. Do-It! Promo video. 1985


East Anglian Film Archive

Below is a screen shot from a video from the East Anglian Film Archive – It Happened in Norwich & Remembrance Sunday 1934-1974 Norwich

Screenshot from a UEA archive film


The photo below is from Archant, to see the full size photo you have to buy it. Link below.


Recently the fountain has been talked about on a group about Norwich from the 1960s, mainly about memories of when people put fairy liquid or some sort of soap in it causing foam to overflow and cover the streets! Would love to see pictures of it if anyone has any!! Anyway here are a few of the comments/ memories taken from the people of facebook.

Wind in the Willows fountain

There was another water feature in the Haymarket, it is still there but no longer functions. The Wind in the Willows fountain is on corner of brick plinth in front of Topshop, behind the hot dog stall.

Not gonna steal photos from flickr so will put one on when I get round to taking one.

More info here http://sculpturefornorwich.co.uk/NorwichSculpture.php?id=583


The area in front of the statue is now home to ‘Homage to Thomas Browne’ which includes sculptures of a brain, an eye and some seats and benches.

I can’t say I’m a fan.

Heres some further information in 2015 EDP article:


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