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We had 3 sites we wanted to check out and after 2 fails we didn’t hold out much hope of finding a way in but we were in luck, so here it is : The Fletcher Convalescent home in Cromer.

The Fletcher Convalescent Home opened on 25 April 1893. The hospital was administered by the Governors of the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. The building was designed by E Boardman & Son and is unlisted. It was, however, in the Victorian Society’s 2008 top-10 list of endangered buildings. Absorbed into the NHS during the 20th century, the home was converted into a geriatric unit which closed in 1998. In 1999 the complex was sold for development. Planning permission for its conversion to housing has been granted, but the requirement for some of the accommodation to be affordable housing has proved a sticking point, and this has delayed work on the building for several years. Until a solution can found, the former Fletcher Convalescent Home sits rotting, its stained glass windows smashed and open to the elements, deteriorating with every passing day. A fire, believed to have been started by vandals, recently caused further damage to the structure. A modern hospital for the rehabilitation of the elderly – the Benjamin Court Hospital – adjoins the complex in the west.

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