This page goes out to all the people we have dubbed legends. They are really just random people we occasionally see when we are out. 

MC Randall


Lucas – Soul Man

Shown here when Martin and Warman met him!

The Commander

Big Tall Dominator Tim


Smiff and Warman we walking through the city on the way to the Bell. Some dude came up to us asking for money claiming he was homeless – he was really sun tanned and looked as if he had just got off the plane coming back from Ibiza! his clothes looked pretty new too. He said he hadnt eaten for three days so we gave him a little change hoping he’d go away but unfortunetly we were wrong! He tried to get more money out of us!
He said that he wanted a meal – “something hot and burgerish”. We started to walk away but Warman got caught
Warman eventually gave in and gave him a fiver in exchange for 2 cigarettes and a hand full of change.
He said to Warman that his name was Big Tall Dominator Tim and if Warman gets into any trouble all he has to do is whistle and he’ll come a running.
He also asked if Warman had anyone he didnt like and he said “well i don’t really like the people at the fair” and B.T.D Tim offered to go with him to sort it.
We eventually managed to get rid of him – we turned round and saw him hassling some more people.

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