LAST UPDATED 26/04/2004

This is where the random pictures hang out on my site.

Saturday – 24/04/2004

More pitcher action
Smiff and Gyto posing

Friday- 23/04/2004

Evil Paul
Man in a hat (a random guy that Stuart knew)

Saturday – 10/04/2004

Henry, Me and Gyto in the Glasshouse drinking our pitchers out of the jugs!
Ice Ice Ashtray!

Saturday – 03/04/2004

Rob in a shopping trolley at about half 2 am sun morning on dereham road

Coventry Road Trip – 12/03/2004

Me with the Peter Andre mask
The Peter-age
Rob with the Peter-age
Us on some random new bridge in Cov, had to climb over some barriers. (this was after a few drinks)
Martins Hooch
Woodpecker on tap!

Saturday morning in the Butts Friendly Cafe after a great night – which ended up in the Collosseum and not getting home til 4am. The maid wanted to clean the room so had to get up at ten.

Da Bomb 2

Da Bomb was crap this time, no where near as hot as last time!

WOW! a blue traffic cone! (in Birmingham)
Gary from the bham to cov train, called us “Delia’s boys”
Student life in Cov

Saturday 6/3/04

Random old guy with an eminem t-shirt dancing madly in the waterfront

Smiff posing yet again

Friday 5/3/04

Warman and Neil drinking

Saturday 28/2/04

A random guy, Ped, Warman and Guy in the Waterfront
The barman
Ped, Warman and me in The Belgian Monk.

Warman suggested we take up the “Malheur Challenge” as he thought it was cheap but he miss read the sign, the beer was pretty rank but it was strong so it was all good.

Ped in debate mode, Alfy just chillin in the background
Warman and Ped in the City Gate
Alfy chillin out
Alfys fingers in the Pickwick

Friday 20/2/04

Darrens flat at half 3 saturday morning. For some random reason we decided to go round and he was in the bath
Smiff Posing
Smiff Posing
Smiff Posing with cigarette
Warman tied up by Paul

Friday 13/2/04

Stu and Me
Stu’s Guiness Man
Indie Warman

SPUNGE 12/2/04

Smiff posing

Squash Pictures

Warman diving
Smiff posing

Peds Skeleton

Me, Ped and Rob
Nike chip From McDonalds in Thetford
Santa Warman
Vienna and Annie

Me and Warman

Taking pictures of our selves in the fugative

Ped Pictures

Da Bomb

Picture from our Coventry road trip. In Birmingham. Da Bomb was a really spicy shot thing.


This piece of modern art is known as “The Strut”, it was taken by me when I first got the camera for my nokia 6100 but now iv got a T630. It shows Martin strutting to the pub.

The Crew


Me wearing my classic “I’m with stupid t-shirt” – pointing at Stu.


Looks like one of his greatest fantasies has come true. My mum on her hands and knees in front of him with his trousers down. Luckily really she was just sewing a button back onto his trousers as he bust it off as he’s too fat. This also made us late to meet people at the pub before Less Than Jake.

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