Norwich Night Club Flyers From The Noughties

When tidying my house the other day I came across a shoe box full of beer mats and old flyers from my early days of going out drinking in Norwich. I seem to hoard a lot of crap! Some of this stuff is quite interesting as the majority of the nightclubs have long since closed down.

Here are some of the flyers I found.

Ikon and 5th Avenue – Tombland

Deja Vu – Anglia Square

Some time in the noughties the Anglia Square nightclub reopened as Deja Vu. As far as I can remember it didn’t last that long. I’m pretty sure the venue is unoccupied at the moment.

Destiny – Anglia Square

Po Na Na – Bank Plain

Liquid – Prince of Wales Road

Time – Riverside

Brannigans – Riverside

Norwegian Blue – Riverside

Lock Stock – Dove Street

Now a gentleman’s club.

Devils Advocate – Timber Hill

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